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  • Improves self-esteem and reduces depression
  • Improves sleep and cognitive issues in dementia patients
  • Increases engagement and improves mood
  • Restores attention in cancer patients
  • Teaches new and satisfying horticultural skills and revisits previous experiences/knowledge
  • Improves vocabulary and maintains communication
  • Provides problem solving and intellectual stimulation
  • Arouses a sense of curiosity


  • Supports cardiovascular health
  • Modifies progression of coronary heart disease by addressing associated anxiety and stress
  • Boosts the absorption and retention of Vitamin D
  • Engages both fine and gross motor movement to maintain and improve endurance, abilities and hand eye coordination
  • Builds confidence and independence to continue acts of daily living which leads to a better quality of life
  • Can aid in treatment of substance abuse


  • Protects and preserves mental health
  • Helps to maintain a sense of purpose, confidence and worth
  • Improves mood state and fosters emotional restoration
  • Reduces stress
  • Aids in the development of positive coping strategies 
  • Offers opportunities for pleasure and relaxation, as well as a sense of pride and success with projects


  • Reduces isolation by increasing social connections and interacting in a group setting
  • Promotes a sense of inclusion and belonging
  • Builds connections
  • Promotes positive interactions with others who have similar interests
  • Re-engages old hobbies and passions


  • Prevents boredom and provides stimulation of sensory perceptions
  • Stimulates creativity by engaging in creative exercises
  • Fosters imagination
  • Develops an appreciation of the rhythm of life
  • Provides an outlet to express creativity


  • Connect to past and personal history
  • Generates meaning through engagement in purposeful activities
  • Fosters gratitude
  • Encourages positive future thoughts through vision boards, etc.

Sources: The Mental Health Commission of Canada, The Canadian Mental Health Association, The Lancet, The World Health Organization, “Recovering With Nature”: A Review of Ecotherapy and Implications for the COVID-19 Pandemic

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