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Cultivating Wellness

Root in Nature™ strengthens human health by connecting people with plants and nature through therapeutic horticulture, while serving as a training hub and professional growth platform for practitioners in the field.

We offer in-person therapeutic horticulture services in Ottawa and virtual therapy world-wide, along with a growing suite of online courses and a robust international practitioner network called GrowTH: Grow Therapeutic Horticulture.

The Benefits of Connecting with Plants & Nature

Therapeutic Horticulture is a practice that uses plants, horticultural activities, and the garden landscape to promote well-being for its participants. There is growing research on the physical, mental & emotional health benefits of engaging people in garden and nature activities. Here are some examples:

Cognitive and Intellectual
  • Improves self-esteem and reduces depression
  • Improves sleep and cognitive issues in dementia patients
  • Increases engagement and improves mood
  • Supports cardiovascular health
  • Modifies progression of coronary heart disease by addressing associated anxiety and stress
  • Boosts the absorption and retention of Vitamin D
  • Protects and preserves mental health
  • Helps to maintain a sense of purpose, confidence and worth
  • Improves mood state and fosters emotional restoration
  • Reduces isolation by increasing social connections and interacting in a group setting
  • Promotes a sense of inclusion and belonging
  • Builds connections
  • Prevents boredom and provides stimulation of sensory perceptions
  • Boosts creativity by engaging in artistic and stimulating exercises
  • Fosters imagination
  • Connect to past and personal history
  • Generates meaning through engagement in purposeful activities
  • Fosters gratitude

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Earth in your hands, peace in your mind.

Horticultural therapy consists of connecting people with plants and nature leading individuals to experience a wide range of benefits such as reducing stress and anxiety, supporting cardiovascular health, increasing social connections, and developing positive coping strategies.

Efficient, effective and all natural.

Improve the mental health of your patients or residents with engaging, affordable and easy-to-implement programs and activities. With just a couple of hours of training, you will be able to bring the power of plants to the benefit of those in your care.

Garden of knowledge.

Much like the roots of a tree, we focus on cultivating a community that is deeply interconnected and supportive. It is nourished by an extensive list of evidence-based activities, courses and seminars to help you and your practice blossom and grow.

What We Offer

Therapeutic Horticulture - Live & Virtual

Therapeutic Horticulture is a practice that uses plants, horticultural activities, and the garden landscape to promote well-being for its participants. We offer in-person sessions in Ottawa, Canada and virtual sessions worldwide through our Mind, Body & Soil™ series.

Online Courses

We offer synchronous, asynchronous and hybrid online courses. These  include Intro to Therapeutic Horticulture, Nature at Work, Advancing Skills in Therapeutic Horticulture, and Peer Reflection.

The GrowTH Network

GrowTH – Grow Therapeutic Horticulture is professional growth and resource platform for therapeutic horticulture practitioners and allied health professionals with training in the field. This is an international and interdisciplinary space for those practicing therapeutic horticulture.

Employee Well-being

Our Nature at Work course explores how elements of nature – from biophilic design to the simple presence of plants or natural light – can significantly enhance mental, physical and emotional health. The course also highlights the role of nature in boosting productivity, sparking creativity and fostering innovation. 

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Root in Nature was recognized for Best Performance in Social Entrepreneurship by the Ottawa Board of Trade and the Ottawa Business Journal.

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Root in Nature is grateful to be selected as one of the Ventures working on the World’s To-Do List by Coralus Activators. We receive interest-free funding, connections and relationships to grow our impact. 

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